What to do with your luggage on the day you leave New York?

What to do with your suitcase once you leave your accommodation in New York? Don't worry: everything is planned to allow you to enjoy your last hours in New York. Whatever the type of accommodation you have chosen, hotel or apartment, you will have to leave your room at noon. Flights to Europe departing in the late afternoon and evening, so here you are on the street... But don't worry: no one wanders the streets of New York with their suitcases! There are many solutions like luggage storage companies (Check www.nannybag.com/ for more about luggage storage).

What to do with your suitcase if you are staying in a hotel?

If you stay in a hotel, it's really very convenient: all hotels have luggage that will allow you to store your luggage between the time you leave your room and the time you leave for the airport. All you have to do is ask the reception to keep your luggage. In some budget hotels, this service may be charged (a few dollars) but it is usually free. However, one tip: make sure to write your name and phone number on the suitcase, especially if it is black and can easily be confused with another. Since I've been travelling, I haven't had any problems, but I might as well take precautions!

What to do if you are staying in an apartment

If you have chosen an apartment, you can ask the owner to keep your luggage at home. This should not be a problem because, if you have chosen a legal rental, the owner must actually be present in the apartment for the entire duration of your stay and it is actually a rental of a room with a local resident. So there is no reason why he should refuse you this service. If the owner works during the day, he will certainly find a way to keep the keys until the last moment, even if it means putting them back in the mailbox when you leave. If the landlord wants you to leave the premises completely (it is their right), the alternative will be to rely on a deposit. Then go to Schwartz Luggage & Storage, a baggage storage store located just a stone's throw from Penn Station (357 West 37 Street). The price: $10 per suitcase. However, one thing is clear: if you are staying in an apartment, be sure to comply with the new regulations. Here is everything you need to know about the new law that governs AirBnb and apartment rental agencies in New York State.
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