Choosing the most beautiful island in the world: Discover the ranking now!

They say you are in a paradise island, you think of fine sandy beach, lush nature and sunny climate all year round? Yes… but where exactly? That’s what we asked you when we launched our guide to paradise islands, and…

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Paradise islands for a dream holiday

Who hasn’t already dreamed of going on holiday on a paradise island? Deserted island populated by coconut trees, turquoise sea as far as the eye can see and you, lying on a deckchair, freshly hand squeezed fruit juice… Whether they…

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Going to the beach this winter? Here are some unexpected destinations!

Finding the beach in the heart of winter, enjoying a summer break away from the cold of the West… September is the ideal month to think about this winter’s trips and guarantee availability in the most beautiful accommodations. Below are…

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Which cruise circuit to choose for your holidays?

Are you planning a cruise? Theme cruises make you dream. You can opt for a more personalized cruise corresponding to your desires. You can participate in many activities during your cruise. Here are some essential points to consider when choosing…

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How to choose the most appropriate cruise package for your travel theme?

The cruise is an excellent choice for your next vacation. Even if you have dared to take the plunge, you must choose the cruise formula that allows you to spend a pleasant holiday. Discover some tips to make the right…

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Activities and tours in Sicily during a stay

Spending a holiday in Sicily is one of the most beautiful experiences for a traveller. This island highlights the beauty and natural richness of Italy.  But it also has many other surprises in store for you. To make the most…

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