Grand Central Station: visit New York Station

After the MoMA visit, we went to visit Grand Central Terminal, also known as Grand Central Station. This walk was really nice, because the Midtown East area is full of iconic places. It includes New York City's oldest train station and some of the most beautiful skyscrapers, including the Chrysler Building and the General Electric Building, but also historic luxury hotels, glass towers from the 1950s... In this article I will tell you about the station give you some good tips for this outing and explain where you can put your luggage in storage, you can also visit if you are interested in learning more information about luggage storage in New York.

What do we know about Grand Central Station?

The station is a real architectural jewel. It has been open since 1913 and has retained all its prestige. It has monumental sculptures on its façade that are dominated by a clock 4 m in diameter. A crowd of 500,000 travellers cross it every day. The Station Hall is 114 m long and 36 m wide.

Where is Grand Central Station?

Grand Central Station: visit the station
  • you can make visits (price 2014)
  • audioguides: $7 (every day from 9am to 6pm)
  • guided: $20 (ticket office in the main hall - every day 12:30)

Grand Central Station New York

What to do in Grand Central?

You can:
  • admire the architecture and its "inverted" celestial vault of the French painter Paul Helleu
  • play tennis: there are two courts
  • shop
  • eat in a fast food restaurant or at the prestigious Oyster Bar
Nb: if you choose to eat at the Oyster Bar, you will enjoy a splendid setting. However, note that your addition may be quite high. For example: count $7 for coca and $83 for two sandwiches (excluding tip - price 2014). My advice: if your budget is on the low side, prefer the shake shake.

Where to drop off your luggage in New York?

It is not possible to leave your luggage at Grand Central. However, you can do it close by Middtown Luggage Storage (between park avenue and Lexington avenue) - 117 east street (open every day from 9am to 10pm). The instructions are by the day. Good plan: there are also buses that take you to all airports CBH Baggage: 43 West 46, rue, Entre 5 et 6 Avenue - Same building as "Chips et Salsa" restaurant - 10036 NYC. Enjoy your stay in New York!
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