Baggage lockers: the return trip!

For a long time, instructions disappeared from French airports, stations or large cities, due to increasingly restrictive security plans. But today, it is once again possible to find places for luggage depots, which take up the well-known concept of the luggage locker! Visit for more about bag drop.

Baggage lockers: a concept that comes back

The concept of baggage lockers has evolved enormously in recent years. Indeed, since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in New York, the State of the city has taken the decision to close all existing baggage lockers in stations. On the other hand, this service, so popular with travellers, has been maintained in hotels for guests staying with them. Following its tragic events, major cities with an international influence had to take the necessary measures. Thus, the Vigipirate Plan was created and the baggage lockers disappeared to avoid any risk of accidents or attacks. These measures have also been taken in France. Indeed, it is no longer possible to find luggage lockers in stations or airports. Disneyland Paris is one of the few tourist places to offer. In addition, many travellers have abandoned the idea because of the many height and weight constraints introduced in the instructions. What travellers are looking for today is simplicity and reliability. However, in recent years, it has been possible to find new variants of luggage lockers!

Reinventing baggage lockers

The classic locker room is where you drop off your luggage at a station or airport. In recent years, new baggage check concepts have emerged! Indeed, many startups and companies have entered this very promising market. In these new instructions, it is now possible to deposit all types of bulky objects such as suitcases, bags, parcels or equipment. There are no longer any restrictions on the size of the luggage, the traveller can leave what he wants in the check-in. The other new feature of these baggage lockers is that they are no longer available in stations or airports. Indeed, for more security, the traveller will leave his luggage in shops or hotels near the busy places. With this system, locker companies create a new link between travellers, shopkeepers and hotel owners, by connecting them.

Security and luggage lockers

With the recent events, the Vigipirate plan, the risk of theft, loss or confusion, it is difficult to hide all the doubts and anxieties of the actors involved in these instructions. This type of problem has been well understood by companies, which do their utmost to offer a secure and reliable service to travellers, hoteliers and other tourism partners. Many conditions have therefore been put in place to guarantee a quality service. Traceability is an essential element of the baggage check service. Indeed, hoteliers will be able to consult the data entered in the baggage, and thus approve its consistency. It will also be possible for them to check by "visual searches" the baggage deposited by travellers. The request to open a suitcase or bag is fully authorized. In the case of refusal on the part of the traveller, hoteliers have the option of not accepting the luggage in their check-in. To ensure total security for hoteliers who agree to participate in the system, start-ups and companies often use insurance to avoid all types of problems. Baggage, suitcases and parcels deposited by travellers are therefore covered and insured against any claims that may arise during the service.
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