Mistakes to avoid for a peaceful stay

It's finally the holidays, the luggage is locked and the dream destination is waiting for you. You have checked if the passports are up to date, and if the plane tickets received. The team gives you some instructions to enjoy a relaxing holiday. One of the areas that we leave behind when we travel is the management of baggage once it is locked. Management refers to everything that is stored at departure or destination, or to the transfer of baggage. However, there are very simple and accessible services to make your life easier and your holiday even cooler. Whether it is a beach with fine sand or a city with historic monuments, many people have had the same idea and are moving towards the same goal as you. Some places are full of tourists and some trifles could threaten to spoil your holiday. In France or in the rest of the world, here are the little traps to avoid spending your holidays in complete serenity.

Business list

Travelling is getting ready, whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or with children. The easiest way is to prepare a list, such as a shopping list. For the more geeks, you can use applications like TripList to help you.

Preparation of luggage

You go to Barcelona for a week but you carry 15 days' worth of clothes. This is the classic trap and it's the insured excess baggage. This little folly can be expensive: about 30€/kg over the limit set by the carrier.

Baggage storage

It is not enough to transport your baggage; you may need to store it temporarily. This can happen in several cases: -When you arrive in the morning in a city and you only have the Airbnb key or hotel in the evening. Luggage storage services merchants take care of your luggage so you can enjoy your stay right away. -When you leave the hotel or Airbnb in the morning when your plane is only in the evening. In this case, Luggage storage services take care of the storage of your luggage at luggage check-in retailers, so that you can make the most of this last day. -When you have an appointment (business, job interview...) and you don't want to waste time to go to the hotel across town to drop off/retrieve your luggage. Luggage storage services keep your belongings in instructions provided by traders, so that you do not arrive at the meeting sweaty and stressed. This way you put all the chances on your side. -When you walk with the little one in a stroller and she doesn't want to go up in it anymore. Luggage storage services keep your small equipment with verified retailers, such as strollers and scooters, you will enjoy this family moment. -When you have 2 hours to kill between matches. Luggage storage services like nannybag for instance, allow you to store and secure your belongings with instructions at retailers to leave your hands free to enjoy this stopover. Visit https://www.nannybag.com/ for more about nannybag. Other cases may come to mind, we quote here common cases.

Identity papers

Never leave your identity documents in the hold, in hotel rooms or on the table in the restaurant. Not only is it the guaranteed complication but above all the end of the trip. We suggest a simple method: Scan your documents (Passport, credit card, plane tickets, identity card...) and send them to yourself by email before departure or put them on DropBox. So, in case of loss, you have the copies with you everywhere in the world. This would make it easier for you to take action if you need it.


When you leave or arrive at your destination, you may need to order a taxi. In some countries (such as France) the number of bags may be limited or subject to specific pricing. To avoid any disappointment, remember to ask for information or conditions when booking.
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