When to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are impressive natural phenomena. Iceland is one of the privileged destinations to admire them. If you want to discover this natural phenomenon, follow these few tips to help you decide when you should leave.

The Northern Lights

You can discover the Northern Lights in the northern part of the world as well as in Canada, Iceland, Finland... In fact, they are coloured lights that appear in the sky. They are sometimes green, blue, pink, red and purple. When they are visible in the sky, it is like seeing a light show. Of course, the Northern Lights only appear in the darkness of the night. On very dark nights with clearer skies when you visit Iceland. The Northern Lights appear for a period. Most of the time, you will not have the opportunity to take your camera out to capture them. However, during certain periods, depending on where you plan to observe them like Iceland, you may have the chance to admire them for longer.

The ideal times to enjoy this little pleasure

You can see the Northern Lights all year round, but from May to August, you will have less chance to admire them more often. During this time of year, the nights are not dark. Thus, the ideal periods to see them will have entered September and March. During the winter season, it is also more likely to see northern lights in the sky. But despite all this, you still need to be prepared for travel and learn to recognize each place, because in the city the northern lights will not be visible because of city lights, pollution, etc. You must then choose the right place where you can observe them in good conditions during your trip to Iceland. Click here for more information.

Travelling to Iceland to see the Northern Lights

You can travel alone to discover this natural phenomenon. Prepare your trip well in order to plan the ideal itinerary to discover the Northern Lights. You must know the means of travel that exist on site in order to easily reach the perfect place to observe the northern lights. Of course, you have in Iceland to see the northern lights, but don't forget to visit the Icelandic volcanoes that make the reputation of this magnificent country. The help of a travel agency may be essential to organize your stay in the best conditions.
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