Choosing the most beautiful island in the world: Discover the ranking now!

They say you are in a paradise island, you think of fine sandy beach, lush nature and sunny climate all year round? Yes... but where exactly? That's what we asked you when we launched our guide to paradise islands, and you were nearly 9,000 to answer us! So here is finally your ranking of the most beautiful islands in the world as you have decided. You should warn yourself right away: take your next holidays very quickly and prepare your swimsuit and sunscreen as landing may be difficult! Here is a ranking of the most beautiful islands in the world: 1- Tahiti 2- Madagascar 3- Bora Bora Bora 4- Reunion Island 5- Seychelles 6- New Caledonia 7- The Maldives 8- Mauritius 9- Corsica 10- Hawaii Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion Island, Santorini.... it is not easy to distinguish these beautiful and diverse destinations. Whether it is for the splendour of their landscapes, the incomparable hospitality of their inhabitants or their delicious gastronomic specialities, you have chosen from twenty-five oases spread over the most beautiful regions of the planet. Get on board, hoist the mainsail and head for your ranking of the ten most beautiful islands in the world, discover without further delay the cream of the cream of the paradise destinations! This ranking was established following the vote of 8,562 users to elect the most beautiful island in the world from 25 pre-selected destinations fairly distributed throughout the different regions of the world.

Escape for a moment to the 5 most beautiful islands in the world!

Located more than 15,000 km from France and 22 hours by plane, French Polynesia never ceases to make the French dream... and we understand you! But while the Pacific islands dominate the ranking, those of the Indian Ocean are also doing well. Their advantage? Be mostly French-speaking. Synonymous with distant and exotic travel, Tahiti, Madagascar, Bora Bora, Reunion Island and the Seychelles are home to traditions, excellent tourist infrastructures and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: the winning recipe for a dream holiday!

And the big winner is.... Tahiti!

With nearly 25% of the votes, the most famous of the islands of French Polynesia is at the top of the ranking. An ideal summer destination, Tahiti is a dream for young lovebirds looking for an idyllic holiday, but don't think that families or low-budget travellers are not to be outdone! The best time to visit Tahiti is between April and November, but avoids school holidays if you want to take advantage of attractive prices. A paradise for water sports enthusiasts, Tahiti offers many activities: snorkelling, hiking or discovering the flamboyant Papeete market... there is something for everyone! As for the accommodation, you can opt for a stay in a luxurious bungalow on stilts or a few nights in an authentic local pension.
Paradise islands for a dream holiday
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