Activities and tours in Sicily during a stay

Spending a holiday in Sicily is one of the most beautiful experiences for a traveller. This island highlights the beauty and natural richness of Italy.  But it also has many other surprises in store for you. To make the most of this stay, it is important to know which activities are essential and which places in Sicily you should visit at all costs.

The Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are volcanic archipelagos located in the north of Sicily. These islands are part of UNESCO's World Heritage List and are the most beautiful tours to visit in Sicily. 4 are to be considered for a visit to Sicily. The largest island is Lipari, with a population of 10,554. There are beautiful beaches and pumice quarries. The islet of Stromboli has 420 inhabitants and has a volcano still active. Its permanent eruption is the cause of its fame.  While Vulcano islet is known for its mud baths and good restaurants.  It culminates at 391m and has 717 inhabitants. Filicudi islet has 6 volcanoes. It is composed of beautiful rocky coasts and pebble beaches with a crystal-clear sea. For more information, click here.

Tours not to be missed

The first place to see for a visit to Sicily is the capital: Palermo. It is known for its many historical monuments. Among them, we can mention the Palace of the Normans, the Zisa Palace, the Santa Maria church, the San Giovanni degli Eremiti church, the cathedrals of Palermo and Cefalù. Catan is a city built with basalt stones, hence its name: the black city. Syracuse is a city that opens onto the sea. It is one of the oldest cities built in the 8th century BC. After the cities, there are several heavenly beaches. If you have preferences for large beaches, there are those of San Vito Lo Capo and the Torre Salsa reserve. There are also less frequented beaches such as Isola Bella and Scala dei Turchi. There is also the famous Zingaro nature reserve. It covers an area of 1700 hectares and covers 7 kilometres of coastline. It has 650 plant species and 39 bird species including the Peregrine Falcon. This place offers a spectacular landscape with its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear sea. There is also the Plemmirio Natural Park, which has small coves where you can swim.

 The different activities in Sicily

The Sicilian excursion is one of the most popular activities for a visit to the island. The Sicilian tour offers hikes that can be done in half a day or a day depending on your choice. It is also possible to visit Sicily on a 4×4 circuit, by bike and off-road car. With its beautiful beaches, scuba diving or boat trips will make your stay unforgettable. For those who want to discover the island's cultures, attending an Italian opera show is a good option for entertainment. To complete your stay, Sicily offers many shops to make your shoppings. Whether it is for souvenirs, clothing or other items.
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