Travelling to the United States with your family

The American dream lives in many hearts. Whether it is to go and work, make a life for yourself, or simply to spend your holidays there, many people dream of going to the USA. Of course, this dream can only be realized under specific conditions. As a family, you must make sure you have a certain number of parameters to be able to visit the USA. Here are the steps to follow to prepare your family trip to the United States.

Step 1: Complete the administrative formalities for USA Visa or ESTA

The United States' security policy has hardened, so no one can enter the country without following the administration. So, to travel with your family, it is important that each of you get your USA Visa. This is an obligation from which you cannot derogate, unless you decide to obtain an ESTA authorization. Please note that this part replaces the USA Visa only for a maximum of 90 days. If you want to stay longer in Uncle Sam's country, you will need to take the American visa. Of course, each member of your family must also have a valid passport. This document is as important as the USA Visa, and it goes without saying that you must apply in person. Note that it has recently become impossible to write a child's name on his or her parent's passport, which means that you must act accordingly if there are children in the family.

Step 2: Define your itinerary

Once you have applied for your USA Visa, you will only be able to obtain it within a certain period of time. Until this time is up, you can ask your family members for help in deciding on the itinerary you will follow in the United States. It must be said that the list of choices is long. To make the right decisions, proceed as follows: List the sites you like; Eliminate the least interesting ones; Use Google Maps to view itineraries; Consider travel times between sites; Include contingencies. With a minimum of consensus from all travel participants with their USA Visa, you can plan an itinerary that will allow you to fully enjoy your stay.

Step 3: Make your reservations

If each of your family members already has their USA Visa or ESTA, you can start booking. Booking flight tickets If you have been able to set a specific departure date for the family, you should start your bookings with airline tickets. Remember to make these reservations at least 4 to 8 months in advance, just after obtaining your USA Visa or ESTA, offering the best opportunities to save money. Note that taking out health insurance for each participant is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises during the stay. Car Rental After booking your flight tickets, remember to book a car online, from your country of departure. Car rental conditions under these conditions will be advantageous and much cheaper than on site. In addition, you will generally be able to cancel without paying any fees. Accommodation booking Housing is also an important issue. You need to decide what type of accommodation is ideal for you and your family. It is best to do this in advance, as you will need to choose housing that meets the needs of the entire family. Also book your family activities to make sure you have a place and also to pay attractive rates. Other precautions Be sure to order your dollars before you travel, as the exchange rate will be much better than on site. Finally, the weight of your luggage must be reduced, and, above all, you must ensure that you change your electronic devices. If they are not before your boat, they will be confiscated. Click here to learn about the rules of the airplane.
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